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I was motivated to start a blog by reading all the wonderful talented individual's who have blogs out there. So, I want to make this blog about everyone who reads it. My family and God always comes first in my life. I want to share my experiences and in turn, hope to get feedback and ideas from you. I love unique things, I adore anything that sparkles (not over the top though) I love decorating, cooking, gardening, photography and shopping. My number one passion is photography! To me it becomes more than a picture, it can become a piece of art, or a beautiful memory. Decorating, though I am not a professional, and don't claim to be, has been a part of my life since I was very young, and just love searching and shopping for new ideas and incorporate the old, such as Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency with contemporary. Living close to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, and being of Hispanic heritage, I love cooking Mexican food, and love to share my authentic recipes. Though I live in Florida, my heart is in the desert southwest, and hope that my family and I will return there very soon…keep your fingers crossed that my prayers are answered SOON!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tropical Mango....

I love the color mango…when we were in Hawaii a few years ago, we stayed in a condo which was part of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, called Lagoon West, on Waikiki Beach, which was completely refurbished on the interior, and it was breathtaking beyond words.   The interior area of the living area, which included the living room, kitchen and dining room, was all in a beautiful soft mango color, with accent colors of light water teal and honeydew green, with fresh orchids throughout, so tropical.  The furniture was made from native Hawaiian woods, and a little on the medium  to dark side, so the contrast was perfect.  There were mango colored sheers on the sliders leading out to two balconies; one faced one of the swimming pools and the Lagoon, the other facing Diamond Head, the sheers would move so softly in the breeze of the blowing winds off the Pacific Ocean. In the evening as the sun began to set, the coloring in the condo was indescribable; I sure wish I had asked the name and color of the paint they used.  I fell in love with the color then, and now whenever I see the color mango, it always reminds me of those wonderful 10 days in Hawaii.  So, I chose to make this posting about “everything mango”, from decorating, wall colors, cocktails, decorative pieces made of the wood from mango trees, all in various shades of mango.

Beautiful Mix of Mango With The Deep Tropical Pink

What Can I say, I love this Chair!!!

I Actually Have this Exact Lamp, and Love All The Mirrors with the  Soft Warm Mango Color

Just Simple Relaxing

Beautiful Capture of a Light Mango Color, With the Light Wood Tones

Wow, Does This Chair Look Relaxing!!!

Though This is Very Southwestern in Nature, Not So Tropical...Just Love the Mango Color and Warmth, I can Almost Feel the Desert in This Picture

Mango Colored Ceiling Pendant Light

This Mango Kitchen Has a Feel Similar to a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Natural Mango Wood Side Table - Love It!

Mango Colored Wood Vase

Orchids With a Hint of Mango...So Pretty For a Night with Friends and Wine, Just to Relax 

Mango In a Power Room, Such a Soothing and Relaxing Color

Spray painted in "Mango" Terra Cotta Pots Filled with Tropical Colored Flowers, Seashells, and White Star Fish....and again, paired With That Tropical Pink, How Beautiful For an Outdoor Patio Party

Mango Martini
2 ounces good-quality
½ ounce mango nectar

½ ounce fresh orange juice

orange twist (for garnish)

Shake well in stainless cocktail mixer

Mango Margarita

1 Can of Margarita Frozen Bacardi Mixers
1/2 Mango, diced
1`/2 cup Bacardi Rum
5 cups of ice
Mango or lime for garnish
Blend together Margarita Frozen Bacardi Mixers, mango and rum.  Add ice and blend for 45 to 60 seconds until uniform.  Garnish with mango or lime 

Love the Color Combination with the Tropical Pink

How Fun For a Tropical Themed Cook Out!  Love the added Plumeria, Perfect Touch

Tommy Bahama Coconut and Mango Candle and Diffuser

Love The Mango Color Mixed with the Tangerine

Bowls and Vases Made From the Wood of a Mango Tree


  1. I drooled my way through every single photo. Every single one. Loved them all.

    MUST try the mango martini...soon.


  2. Love the color Mango.. thanks for sharing it with us. The photo's are just breath taking.


  3. Hi! I love the color mango as well. It's so beautiful and refreshing and calming. I'm headed to Oahu in less than 2 weeks.....so I was totally excited to see all of the photos here! :)

    ps. Thanks for your sweet comment. You are precious!

  4. It's a color you can eat with a spoon!

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments. I guess with this long winter we've all had, even here in Florida...I'm in the mood for a little "tropical" in my life. And, Nicolle...have a wonderful time in Hawaii. I am totally in love with Oahu, it's another world there isn't it? We spend almost a week on Maui also, it was so much more laid back and relaxing...we took the entire "Road to Hana", about 18 hours in a Jeep, had the time of our life. Living in Florida, I didn't realize just how different it is, but it's plain and simple "paradise".