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Monday, February 7, 2011

Poladroid...Remember Those Polaroid Pictures...

It seems as those so many people are looking for that "vintage" look now days, maybe a little bit of nostalgia, or maybe it's just some love the look of years gone by.  Rather it be in vintage designer clothing, vintage home decor, or vintage pictures, there is something about an era gone by that brings warms memories or if you're too young to remember things like Polaroid pictures, there is just something about them that hit an accord with some people.  I love taking photographs, and though the beauty that surrounds me here in Florida is so natural and with the new SLR Digital Cameras, the pictures are so clear and beautiful...but, it is fun also to do different effects with pictures...hence the reason there are so many photo editing programs available.  Well, here is one that I just love...and it's free.  Takes seconds to download, and you're ready to go.  Just as with the original Polaroid developing process, you watch it develop on the screen, and you can control the amount of processing you wish.  I've done a few pictures from start to end, stopping the process at different areas to give you an idea on what they look like through these different stages.  I also left the white border as in they were with Polaroid development, which you can remove and show just the picture.  These were done very quicky, the more attention to where the processing is, you are able to achieve the perfect effect you desire.   http://www.poladroid.net/

These are picture from the Polynesian Cultural Center from our trip Hawaii

Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii

Reflection - Palm


  1. These are very cool! I remember Polaroid cameras very well and the excitement as we watched the photos appear "before our very eyes." Too bad they didn't hold up well over the years, but I was able to restore some using Photoshop.

    At least with this app you know they'll last forever. Very nice, thanks for sharing. I guess the program isn't compatible with Macs, but I'm going to tell some of my PC friends.

  2. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day!!!

  3. The soft, not-quite-developed print of the palms remind me of some of the old Florida paintings.

    When I worked with the church youth program, we purchased 20 Polaroid cameras for a photo scavenger hunt. What fun! And the kids were totally blown away by the developing "right before their eyes". It was something new...at least to them.

    Enjoy your next adventure to the Columbia...I know the one at Sand Key, well. It's close to my brother's condo...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. How cool!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Rhonda, if I'm not mistaken, I think it will download onto a Mac. These were just some quick pictures I did, but if you take the few extra minutes, some turn out like you're back in the 60's or 70', especially beach scenes and groups of people.

  6. Lisa....thank you so much for the birthday wishes...it was a great day, thanks to my wonderful husband and daughter.

  7. Jane...know exactly what you mean. Don't you just love those "old Florida" pictures...nothing better. That is so great what you did with the Church Youth Group, I'm sure they didn't know what to make of it. My daughter is 24, and when I found this program and began to use it, she was like "why did photos have to develop like that and how"...wow, we've come a long way. What is so great about this program is, they print just as you developed them, so they make nice pictures for framing as well.

    I love the Columbia in Tampa becase of their decor and all that beautiful tile and not to mention that huge chandelier, just beautiful, but the one in Clearwater is closer to our home and right on the water, of course.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. GORGEOUS! More Hawaii pictures. LOVE them!