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I was motivated to start a blog by reading all the wonderful talented individual's who have blogs out there. So, I want to make this blog about everyone who reads it. My family and God always comes first in my life. I want to share my experiences and in turn, hope to get feedback and ideas from you. I love unique things, I adore anything that sparkles (not over the top though) I love decorating, cooking, gardening, photography and shopping. My number one passion is photography! To me it becomes more than a picture, it can become a piece of art, or a beautiful memory. Decorating, though I am not a professional, and don't claim to be, has been a part of my life since I was very young, and just love searching and shopping for new ideas and incorporate the old, such as Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency with contemporary. Living close to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, and being of Hispanic heritage, I love cooking Mexican food, and love to share my authentic recipes. Though I live in Florida, my heart is in the desert southwest, and hope that my family and I will return there very soon…keep your fingers crossed that my prayers are answered SOON!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little tour of one part of St. Petersburg, FL

Well, I need to start off by saying I had my first job interview in almost 20 years last Thursday!  I think it went very well...BUT, it's a very desired position and though I have the experience, I know there were many who interviewed for it.  Though it's a promotion, that doesn't matter, I just need to get out of my area and start something new and exciting.  I've been doing a lot of praying, and I know that what is meant to happen, will happen by the grace of God, so it's all in his hands.  But, a few prayers from others sure would help!!!  It's been a rough couple of months in my office, but I'm a pretty tough "girl"....

Yesterday was my Saturday date night with my husband.  We didn't want to go out to a sit down dinner, not with this beautiful cool weather that has just come into our area FINALLY...so, we headed off to the Taco Bus in St. Pete and sat outside underneath some table umbrellas....fabulous...what great Mexican food as I've mentioned before.  Then we drove down past Tropicana Field (keep those Ray's in your thoughts as well), and down to the St. Petersburg Pier for a walk along the water and just sitting on some benches taking in the beauty.  The temps were in the low 70's, beautiful sunshine, no humidity and a perfect cool breeze coming in off the water.  My sweet husband said, "it's still early, would you like to go to HomeGoods"...oh please, that's all it took, so off we went to the one in Clearwater.  I was shocked when I walked in...there were Christmas decorations everywhere...now that got me excited.  They of course had many all color coordinated...so much teal this year, oh yeah....loved it, and it's only September cannot wait to see what they put out next month and the month after that...I'm ready!!!

Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend, and have a blessed Sunday.  And the week ahead is full of great things for you. 

St. Petersburg Pier

Fountain close to the Dali Museum

The new Salvador Dalí museum

St. Petersburg Pier

St. Pete Pier

Park next to the Pier

Helicopter rides...wouldn't have my legs hanging out like that

Beautiful Egrets flying by

Sail boat in just passing the pier

Love the shape of the palms - pier in the background

Unique shaped palms...


  1. OMG, you said "Home Goods" has Xmas all ready... I'm so there tomorrow! I live about 5 minutes from the one you went to in Clearwater and now I have to go! Great shots of St. Pete... sad to know they will be tearing down the pier next year for a more modern one....
    Lovely shots

  2. Wishing great things for you, too this week.
    Beautiful photos!

  3. I'm so happy about your job interview. I will cross my fingers and say my prayers that you get it! You deserve it! :)

    Well, you know I'm drooling over your photos, once again. I love these. I really hope one day to live by the water. What a blessing.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. beautiful pictures! I love how those palm trees seem a little bow legged. Florida is def on my list for a vacay. I have been always drawn by the keys.

  5. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, again...I've been away for a little while, dealing with some family issues. This happens when you have such a large family and they come before anything else. I've missed reading everyones posts so much and think - notice I said "think", everything is under control now and I can not only enjoy all your wonderful Blogs, but am so ready for the holidays. Again, thank you so much.

    Desert Dreaming

  6. Hoping you got the promotion????