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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall is in the air.....

OK, I know it’s only the second day of September, and I am totally ready for fall.  This has been a really long hot summer here in Florida and though it is slight, there is a change in the air.  The colors of the sunrises and sunsets seem a bit brighter, and the air has a bit cooler feel to it…mind you, it’s not cool out, but you can feel the heat of the summer slipping away.  It’s much more pleasant just to sit in the backyard, or take those long walks along the beach. 
I always love to get a jump on the holidays, with my decorating, planning, and just plain getting excited my family always laughs at me, because I guess I get a little over the top with it all, but it’s such a beautiful time of the year, so many upcoming events, spending time with family and friend, I just want to make it special for them.  So, not to get too far ahead of myself and talking about Christmas, which of course, I could, but I won’t.  I just wanted to share some really cute and unique ideas to do with pumpkins…there’s nothing wrong with the old tradition of carving them, but some of these ideas are definitely going into home as I begin to decorate for fall the first sight of pumpkins being sold, I’m there!!!  Hope they give you some inspiration and excitement for the fall season, no matter where you are. 
I would also like to wish everyone a safe and fabulous Labor Day Weekend ENJOY!!!


Simple yet so pretty

Very detailed, but I think worth giving it a try

Candy Corn Pumpkins...too cute

Now, this says Fall!!!!

Just love them

This has to be my favorite, I love that sparkle

Again, simple but the lighting is so cozy

Gorgeous black Rhinestones - another favorite

These are so cute, I maybe would go with less rhinestones

Love it!!!

Now who would have thought a pumpkin in glitter would be so unique

Party Time

What a beautiful centerpiece this would make

Love the two metallic pumpkins on the ends

Says it all

Such a warm welcoming to your home, so "Fall"

Love them!!!!!!


  1. I'm on the Clearwater side and it only reached 86' today.. wonderful change!
    Love the pumpkin #1 photo!
    I'm feeling the same as you and today I hung my front door Fall Hanging...
    Nice Post

  2. I love this post. It is getting me in the mood for fall and fall decorating. I'm so hot here in inland So. California., it has been hard to think of fall. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful!

  3. I just love them all. Especially the white one minus the spider..lol And the black and white ones are my favorites also.

    Thanks for sharing, great post!

    Lisa (ps. sorry I have to use anonymous it want let me post any other way):

  4. Hi friend!

    Last year I just spray painted a pumpkin with a shiny black paint, and I really loved it. I will do another like it this year. Maybe I will add some sparkle to it also, this time around.


    I love all of these you posted here. The pumpkin holding the ice cold drinks, and the mums I love. I also love the glitter ones and the rhinestones.

    I hope you had a nice holiday weekend, and have some cooler temps there. We do and it's been heavenly.


  5. Hello Friend! I really like your pumpkin post, I went to Trader Joe's today and they had little pumkins for the first time this season and it just warmed my heart. But I have to say I am smitten with the white ones. One year I bought a blue one (post on my site if u r interested).

    Hasta pronto :)