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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Diamond Head Tacks....

For two weekends now, my husband and I have been painting the inside of our home, the main living area,which consists of the great-room, dining room and kitchen.  We put off painting the outside until early fall, only because this has been one hot June here in Florida, so inside it is!  After much discussion, and looking at, which seems like millions of paint swatches, we came up with Thunderstorm for the great-room and dining room.  Sounds like it would be dark, but it's anything but, it's a shade of light gray and it's not a true cool color, it is actually warm, but of course throughout the day, the color changes, even has a hint of very light green at times.  Well, we all fell in love with it, and I can honestly say, after 15 years in our home, and 5 different paint colors, I am totally in love with the color of that area for the first time.  For the kitchen we picked Coconut Husk, which is a light brown  with a slight hint of green, again at certain times of the day...very hard to describe.  Now that I have a clean pallet, I can begin to add all my tropical colored accessories that I've been collecting for a few months..still looking for a new sofa, which we know what we want, but haven't quite found it yet  .When complete, I will take some photos and post.  We just have one hallway to complete and part of the dining room...Yeah!!!

With all the painting and making some decorating changes within our home, my daughter came and told me that she still hasn't found a headboard that she wanted, well, not any that she liked which wasn't a cost of  over $2,000.  So, we did some research and found a few styles that she really loved, and asked her Dad if he could them as a template and build one for her, he said he would love to. Now we just need to keep him off the golf course long enough.... he is wonderful with wood working,  

She has similar taste to mine, she loves Hollywood Regency.  Her colors are champagne and teal, with mirrored furniture and beautiful vintage Hollywood styled framed pictures.  She wants the head board very tall, simple and glamorous, in a champagne colored fabric with nail head tacks...so in my research I came across the Diamond Head Tack's homepage  http://diamondheadut.com/.  My daughter, along with many of us, love items with sparkle, so we decided to use these instead of the regular tacks.  Below are some other ideas you can do with them, along with some pricing information.  I would love to do an ottoman for my great-room, so when we order hers, I may have to throw in an order for myself.   The customer service at this store is beyond helpful. I called, left a voicemail and Kathy Holt, phoned me back within 2 hours, they are located in Southern California, their number is 949-706-4391.   The pictures below are just a few items, their page has many more.  We are actually going with the acrylic Diamond Heads instead of the ones made with Swarovski crystals, pricing -  big difference.  She told me that many designers there in Southern California will use those on sofa's that cost $10,000, they sparkle the same and are just beautiful in sparkle and style as those that are made with the Swarovski crystals.  I think this will add the right amount of sparkle she is looking for and have it not too much over the top.  All the photos below are made with the acrylic except the teal headboard, and possibly the hotel headboard.


A couple of tacks, there are numerous others

We offer two unique and exciting product lines:
A. Diamond Head Elite - our trademark system allows you to change the crystal or stone and bezel without replacing nails.
    Totally customizable
    5 Sizes ranging from 11mm - 25mm
    13 Stones (Genuine Bohemian Crystals and Cabochon Art Glass Stones)
    3 Metal Setting Colors (Silver, Gold, Black)
    Interchangeable with like sizes (change out stones to create a new look on same furniture)
    Minimum order 100 pieces  

White Diamond in Silver Setting Pricing:
11mm $2.80
13mm $3.10
15mm $3.30
20mm $5.50
25mm $8.10
B. Diamond Head Acrylic
    3 Sizes - 11mm, 15mm, 20mm
    1 Stone - White Diamond (Acrylic)
    1 Metal Color Setting (Silver)
    Minimum order 11mm=100qty, 15mm=50qty, 20mm=25qty
    1 piece, install using a rubber mallet without damaging the acrylic diamond

Acrylic Pricing:
11mm box of 100qty $94.95
24 pieces covers 1 linear foot

15mm box of 50 qty $59.50
17 pieces covers 1 linear foot

20mm box of  25qty $44.95
14 pieces covers 1 linear foot

Both lines are COM available to any workroom or manufacturer.
Diamond Heads have raised the standard of luxury in the home furnishings market.
While brass upholstery nails have remained relatively unchanged; Diamond Heads are truly innovative, original and unexpected! 


  1. you have great taste, when I saw that turquoise headboard, I was smitten. I've yet to really decorate or even come up with a plan for my bedroom, my main goal is putting the clothes in the laundry bin, which I am not so good at! I think you would make an incredible interior designer.

  2. Wow, I'm in love with the turquoise headboard too! I love the idea of the diamond head tacks...I must keep this in mind.

    Your paint colors sound wonderful and I know you must be excited to be almost through. Can't wait to see photos when you post them.


  3. Love these! :) I am a Hollywood Regency and mid century fan too--- love your taste!