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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hawaiian Heirloom & Tropical Jewelry...

Most of the pictures here are from a wonderful Hawaiian Jewelry Store called Na Hoku. They are located on much of the Hawaiian Islands and here on the Mainland, such as the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, here in Florida (which is me and my daughter's favorite mall)...

A little history of Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry...

In 1860, Lydia Paki, the future Queen Liliu'okalani adorns what is to be the first "Hawaiian Bracelet." Enameled on this bracelet are the Hawaiian Words, Hoomanao Mau, "Always Remember" together with each of the symbols enameled on either side of the name, the bracelet she wears the rest of her long life carries a prayer.

In 1893, Queen Liliu'okalani presented a gold enameled bracelet to Zoe Atkinson, headmistress at Pohukaina Girls School. The inscription on the bracelet read "Aloha Oe" (Farewell Thee") and Liliu'okalani Jan. 5, 1903". The inscription proved to be prophetical: Just days later the Queen was forced to abdicate her thrown and the Hawaiian Monarchy had come to a sudden end. Atkinson, who was an active socialite and the event coordinator for the Queen herself, became the envy of many young ladies, who then asked their mothers for engraved bracelets of their own. However, the young girls requested from their mother that their name be placed on the bracelets instead of the phrase "Aloha Oe" and it was here that "Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry" was born.

1894-1955, with growing popularity the hand engraved cottage jewelry industry grew strong in Hawaii. The local exotic flowers and leaves blended well with the traditional Old English scrolling and Hawaiian jewelry was reinvented to include these local elements.

Mother of Pearl Inlay and Diamond Bird-of-Paradise Earrings
Fresh Water Pearls Flexible Bracelet
Pink Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Palm Tree Ring
Rose Gold Pink Mother-of-Pearl Inlay with Diamonds
Pink Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Rose Gold Bracelet
Plumeria and Diamond Necklace
Plumeria and Diamond

I have this necklace and I love it
From Na Hoku
Diamond Palm Earrings
Hawaiian Heirloom Bangle
Hawaiian Heirloom Ring
Hawaiian Heirloom Bangle

I brought back a bracelet almost exactly as this one from Maui a few years ago. All handmade detailed diamond cuts of Plumeria and Maile leafs. It is one of my favorite pieces...just beautiful and full of wonderful memories of our vacation.
Kahea Earrings with Queen Emma Scroll with Black Enamel
Hawaiian Heirloom Ring with Diamond Cut Hibiscus

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous pieces.

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Today was wonderful.